Grass growth increased by 0.7t of dry matter per hectare (DM/ha) to an average of 12.4t DM/ha in 2023 compared to 2022, data from PastureBase Ireland shows.

The increase comes despite high rainfall levels across the country last year. The average rainfall in Moorepark was 1950mm last year, approximately 750mm more than the average rainfall for that area.

Average farm cover averaged at 827kg DM/ha, with overwinter growth of 4kg DM/ha per day.

Regional data shows that Kilkenny was the highest grass growing county at approximately 14.5t DM/ha with Dublin being the lowest at 10t DM/ha.

Grass growth monthly averages peaked in May at 75kg DM/ha/day.

Growth levels plummeted in June, averaging at 45kg DM/ha/day, but levelled out again at about 60kg DM/ha/day until mid-September.