Do not use the roads unless you absolutely have to, the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross has warned.

Speaking on Friday, Minister Ross said he has been advised that road conditions are extremely treacherous.

“While local authorities are doing extraordinary work clearing snow and salting surfaces, obviously they will concentrate on the major arteries.

“Therefore, even though the advice to ‘stay at home’ has been lifted, I would strongly advise people to take only the most necessary of journeys.

“Please do not use the roads today unless you absolutely have to.”

Minister Ross said if people have no other choice but to travel to check local information to see if their journey is possible.

“Please do not use the roads today unless you absolutely have to.”

“Many roads are impassable and those that have been cleared still pose a significant risk to drivers.

“During the night, some motorists became trapped in their cars and we would hope that people will use common sense and not risk their own safety and that of our emergency services.

“If your journey is vital, please ensure that you pack safety supplies into your car.

“However, I appeal to anyone who is thinking of making a journey to stop, ask themselves if they really need to get into that car, and if possible, decide against it.

“Remember, it’s not just your own life you’re risking. Keep warm, keep safe, keep indoors and if you can, relax and enjoy an unexpected long weekend.”

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