Ecosyl contains the unique MTD/1 strain of the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum. It also contains the bacteria Pediococcus pentosaceus and potassium sorbate - a safe, non-corrosive food and feed-approved preservative.

This special blend is proven to give improved fermentation and better aerobic stability, leading to higher-quality silage that delivers better animal performance.

Ecosyl is guaranteed to deliver one million of these unique MTD/1 bacteria per gram of grass, leading to a rapid fall in the pH of the silage, thereby bringing about fast, efficient fermentation.


“Twenty-six independent trials have shown that Ecosyl increased silage digestibility by an average of three units. And more than 30 independent trials have shown that Ecosyl treatment leads to an increase of 5% in silage dry matter intake by animals,” said JP Harkin, business manager with Volac, the company that manufactures Ecosyl.

“Many additives carry the claim that they lead to better animal performance, but do not have the animal trial evidence to prove it.

“In the case of milk production, for example, the advantages of Ecosyl are proven in 15 independent animal trials, four of which were conducted in Ireland.

“These trials, which covered a wide range of dry matters and ensiling methods, showed that Ecosyl-treated silage led to an increase in milk production of 1.2 litres/day.

“A further 19 trials showed that Ecosyl-treated silage gave an increase of 15% in daily liveweight gain in growing animals,” said JP Harkin.

Dry matter

No crop of grass is ensiled and consumed with 100% efficiency. Work by Teagasc has shown over 40% of the available grass dry matter is lost during harvesting, storage and feed-out.

Therefore, management systems that reduce these losses, including the use of a proven additive, will impact greatly on the cost and efficiency of silage making. Ecosyl is proven to significantly enhance silage fermentation. In 28 independent trials, Ecosyl treatment has been shown to give an increase of 50% in dry matter recovery. This amounts to an extra 35t of silage dry matter in a 1,000t clamp.

JP Harkin also highlighted the benefits of a proven inoculant in protecting the valuable protein in the grass. Trials have shown that Ecosyl improves true protein in silage by 3.5%.

Ecosyl at a glance

  • Contains the unique MTD/1 strain of the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum, proven to bring about fast, efficient silage fermentation.
  • Guaranteed to deliver one million of these unique bacteria per gram of grass, leading to a rapid fall in the pH of the silage, thereby speeding up the fermentation process.
  • Backed by more independent research than any other silage additive.
  • Proven to lift digestibility, leading to increased dry matter intake and improved animal performance.
  • An increase of 1.2 litres/day in milk yield – 15 independent trials.
  • A 15% increase in live weight gain – 19 independent trials.
  • Available in 2l bottles and 5l cans for liquid application or in a 20kg bag for dry application. A 2l bottle or 20kg bag treats 100t of silage
  • Full range of applicators available for liquid and dry application.

    Full range of Ecosyl applicators

    A wide range of state-of-the-art Eco applicators are available to give efficient application of Ecosyl in both liquid and dry form.

    The range includes applicators specifically developed for self-propelled harvesters, trailed harvesters, forage wagons, round balers and big square balers.

    All applicators are easy to fit and come with fully variable in-cab controls.

    For information on the full range of applicators, contact Volac at 049-433 4755 or email

    10 tips for quality silage

  • Cutting before heading gives optimum quality and yield. Delayed cutting reduces protein and digestibility levels.
  • Aim to cut in the afternoon, when sugar content is at its highest.
  • Avoid cutting too low, as the stem base has lower digestibility.
  • Wilt to 28% to 32% dry matter (DM) within 24 hours, to concentrate sugar content and improve fermentation.
  • Ted within two hours to maximise drying and to retain more nutrients in the grass.
  • Avoid contamination with soil.
  • Use the optimum chop length for the % DM.
  • Control the fermentation using a proven additive. Ecosyl is proven to enhance silage quality and minimise waste.
  • Fill clamps in 15cm layers. This is the maximum that can be consolidated efficiently.
  • Seal the clamp with high-quality overlapping sheets, weighed down well, especially at the edges.
  • Threefold return

    Research in Ireland and elsewhere has found that every euro spent on treating silage with Ecosyl inoculant gave a return of at least three euro in increased milk yield and animal performance. Using Ecosyl, even in silages that are wilted, will enhance silage quality. An analysis of the results of some 50 animal performance trials carried out in Ireland shows the economic benefits to improving silage digestibility. The best silages (75% DMD) when offered as the sole diet, sustain a milk yield of 23 litres/day and a liveweight gain of 1.1kg/day in finishing steers. Poorer quality silages do not even support animal maintenance.

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