As the end of the calf sales season approaches, the number of calves traded was back 30% on last week, according to the ICBF calf price watch database.

Of these, over 75% were sired by either Angus or Herford bulls.

As expected, prices continue to slide at this late point of the season, with the overall calf price back €5/head on last week.

Exporters remain active in the market for suitable types, as demand on the continent remains strong for Irish calves.

Live calf exports were running as much as 10% behind 2020 levels in mid-March, but a late surge in demand has seen export numbers increase to a point where they are now running slightly ahead of last year’s figures at a total of 113,285 head.

Angus heifers were back €5/head to an average price of €122, while bulls were back €9/head to €168. Hereford calves were up slightly on the week, with heifers averaging €161, while bulls settled at €201.

Continental calf numbers made up less than 10% of the total calves traded this week, so prices are quite variable depending on the quality of the calf on offer.

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