There has been a lot of talk about fertiliser supply and price in recent weeks. At the recent Irish Farmers Journal From the Tramlines farm walk, Liam Dunphy of Gouldings gave a breakdown of fertiliser markets.

The presentation, which can be watched below, might help to explain some of the things that are happening in fertiliser markets.

He explained that Ireland purchases about 1.7m tonnes of fertiliser from a total global supply of 400m tonnes, so less than half a percent of the total fertiliser.

He explained that some of the rise in nitrogen fertiliser prices was in conjunction with the rise in natural gas prices. Dunphy also outlined how natural gas was priced at about at €13.50 per megawatt-hour (MWh) in August 2020, €27/MWh in August 2021 and was at €285/MWh on the 5 September 2022.

To hear the full presentation, click the link below.