The BETTER Farm beef challenge NI is a joint venture between the Irish Farmers Journal, ABP and CAFRE. The programme aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of suckler farms across Northern Ireland. The programme objective is to simply produce the highest gross margin possible on the 10 programme farms over the next three years, by focussing on improving the level of technical efficiency inside the farm gate.

Farm Programmes
NI Sheep Programme: using FEC for effective worm control
Kieran Mailey
With anthelmintic resistance a growing problem in sheep flocks, the farmers in the NI Sheep Programme are making use of faecal egg counts to determine when to worm lambs.
10 March 2021 Sucklers
BETTER farm NI: focusing on the changes inside the farm gate
Three of the BETTER Farm NI participants will feature in a free webinar on 11 March to outline their journey under the programme. Kieran Mailey gives some background to the farms to be featured.
10 March 2021 Sucklers
Focus on efficiency lifts GM/ha by 67% in Northern Ireland
As the BETTER Farm NI programme reaches its conclusion, Kieran Mailey outlines what it delivered for the farmers involved
Save the date: maximising suckler margins webinar
The BETTER Farm NI programme will conclude with a webinar on Thursday 11 March at 8pm, outlining how the participant farmers increased gross margins by £401/ha.
7 March 2021 News
BETTER farm NI: gross margin rise of £401/ha during programme
As the BETTER farm NI programme draws to a close, gross margin has increased by £401/ha across all farms since 2016.
3 March 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER farm NI: £518 increase in GM/ha on bull finishing farms
This week, programme adviser Darryl Boyd analyses the profitability of the five farms finishing male cattle as young bulls.
24 February 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER farm NI: £233/ha gross margin increase for steer systems
Programme farms have been benchmarked for 2020, with the results to be featured over the coming weeks, starting with the four farms operating store or steer finishing systems. Kieran Mailey reports.
17 February 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER farm NI: planning ahead for spring grazing
Getting cattle out to grass in early spring will improve animal performance, but it takes a lot of forward planning. Kieran Mailey reports.
10 February 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER farm NI: 10 steps to finishing spring-born bulls
Where spring-born bulls will be finished at 16 months of age, Kieran Mailey outlines 10 steps to transition animals through the final intensive feeding period.
3 February 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER Farm NI: top tips for spreading slurry
Nitrogen prices are on the rise and with the window opening for slurry spreading from 1 Februray, Kieran Mailey outlined some tips to get the most from early fertiliser applications.
27 January 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER farm NI: autumn cows scanned back in-calf
All autumn cows are back in-calf on Declan Rafferty and Aidan Quinn's farm, with animals set to calve over six weeks next August.
20 January 2021 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER Farm NI: 20% more liveweight weaned on farm
During phase three of the BETTER Farm NI programme, the liveweight weaned on-farm increased by 20%. CAFRE programme adviser Darryl Boyd reports.
13 January 2021 BETTER Farm NI