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Vasectomised bull or stock bull: which will work best for you?
Martin Merrick
Many herds are in week five of breeding, meaning activity levels are waning and making heats more difficult to see.
18 May 2023 Breeding & health
Top of €5,100 for Herefords in Nenagh
Shanon Kinahan reports from the Irish Hereford Cattle Society show and sale in Nenagh.
17 May 2023 Breeding & health
Beef breeding in the dairy herd: the options
As the breeding season moves on, Aidan Brennan takes a look at the best way of choosing beef bulls for use on dairy cows.
Bó Sires announces its entry to the Irish market
Adam Woods talks to the people behind Bó Sires, a new Irish-owned AI company that has launched this spring.
3 May 2023 Pedigree
Wexford winners at the Emerald Expo 2023
Shane Dobson reports from the annual Emerald Expo in Virginia showgrounds on Saturday.
30 April 2023 Breeding & health
Protocol change for sexed semen on heifers
Teagasc has revised its fixed-time AI protocol when using sexed semen on dairy heifers.
12 April 2023 Breeding
Focus on BVD biosecurity before breeding
Maria Guelbenzu, BVD Programme Manager, takes a look at BVD biosecurity before the breeding season commences.
12 April 2023 Breeding & health
What cows should get a beef bull?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the practical uses of sexed semen and looks at how farmers can identify cows for beef AI.
12 April 2023 Breeding & health
Using the DBI to breed better beef
Pat Donnellan takes a look at the 2023 active DBI list and takes a look at using it to breed better beef calves
12 April 2023 Breeding & health
Gigginstown gearing up for annual on-farm sale
Shanon Kinahan recently caught up with Gigginstown farm manager Joe O’Mahony to preview the upcoming Angus sale which is set to take place on Saturday 22 April.
11 April 2023 Pedigree
Midland Vet to hold information open day
Adam Woods profiles an upcoming information open day at the Midland Vet Tullamore premises.
28 March 2023 Breeding & health
Genotyping of 800,000 cows gets agreement in principle
Genotyping gets green light - It is anticipated the new scheme will kick off in July with calves from these cows genotyped in 2024.
15 March 2023 News