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Newford update: grass growth recovering following rain
Darren Carty
Grass growth rates had fallen to just 18kg DM/ha to 30kg DM/ha, leading to grass reserves becoming quickly depleted and silage being briefly fed to cows to bridge the gap.
Newford Farm update: first-cut silage collected in excellent condition
4 June 2023 Newford Farm
Newford Farm update: first-cut silage collected in excellent condition
The silage ground, which was grazed before closing, yielded about 10 bales per acre.
Dairy cross cows working hard in Newford
24 May 2023 Management
Dairy cross cows working hard in Newford
Adam Woods reports from the Newford Suckler Demonstration Farm open day held earlier this week
Newford Farm update: low level of repeat breeding activity
Breeding appears to be progressing nicely, with only a handful of animals receiving a repeat insemination in the fourth week of the breeding season.
21 May 2023 Newford Farm
Once-a-day AI working well in Newford Farm
The practice adopted has facilitated a move to 100% AI while minimising labour and underpinning high conception rates.
10 May 2023 Newford Farm
€300m Athenry IDA project destined for Newford Farm lands and farmyard
There is no timeline confirmed and Teagasc will now enter negotiations with the IDA to seek to maintain the herd in Newford Farm for as long as is feasible during the transition process.
9 May 2023 News
Newford Farm update: open day to take place on Tuesday 23 May
The event will take place from 2pm to 6pm and will discuss performance since the project was established in 2015 and plans for the next five years.
7 May 2023 Newford Farm
Newford Farm update: breeding off to a flying start
Breeding commenced on Monday 24 April and cows look set to repeat their strong performance, with almost 30 cows submitted for breeding in the first five days.
30 April 2023 Newford Farm
Newford Farm striving for reduced emissions
The farm’s carbon footprint in 2022 is 14% lower than the national average and is being boosted by practices such as reduced age at slaughter and optimum breeding efficiencies.
29 December 2022 Newford Farm
Newford Farm update: just three 2021-born bullocks left to slaughter
The most recent batch of 21 bullocks drafted in early December delivered an average carcase weight of 373.89kg from a liveweight of 678kg and 55% kill-out.
18 December 2022 Newford Farm
Newford Farm update: 2022-born bullocks housed weighing 394kg
The bullocks' average daily gain (ADG) since birth is running at an impressive 1.23kg per day, while the ADG from weaning to housing was recorded at 0.86kg per day.
4 December 2022 Newford Farm
Last four 2021-born heifers drafted on Newford Farm
The 40 heifers drafted averaged 296kg carcase weight at an average age of just less than 18 months of age and recorded a sale value of €1,507/head.
27 November 2022 Newford Farm