Renewables gathers momentum but will policy catch up?
Stephen Robb
There is no doubt that farmers, businesses and homeowners see the potential in renewables, but significant challenges still exist, writes Stephen Robb.
Solar PV proves popular but some challenges remain – IFA
17 April 2024 Renewables
Solar PV proves popular but some challenges remain – IFA
James Kelly, from IFA and Bord Gáis Energy’s solar solutions team, reflects on their solar journey to date.
Tapping into the bioeconomy potential of grass
17 April 2024 Renewables
Tapping into the bioeconomy potential of grass
Growing grass is one of Ireland’s natural competitive advantages which is now set to be a key ingredient in Ireland's emerging biomethane and bioeconomy sectors, writes Stephen Robb.
Cork sees highest number of TAMS solar applications
Data from Department of Agriculture shows there has been 1,480 applications to the Solar Capital Investment Scheme, with Cork having the highest levels of interest, writes Stephen Robb.
17 April 2024 News
Renewables Roadshow: interest in renewables is high, but challenges remain
The Renewable Roadshow highlighted both the real opportunities and the challenges that remain with the rollout of renewable energy, writes Stephen Robb.
17 April 2024 Renewables
NI gas operators seek input from AD and farming industry
Northern Ireland's gas grid operators are preparing for the introduction of renewable gases, such as biomethane, into their network and are asking future producers to get in touch, writes Stephen Robb
17 April 2024 Renewables
Renewables podcasts to catch up on
From solar panels to biomethane, Stephen Robb spoke to several developers and renewable energy experts over the past few weeks. Here’s how to listen to the podcasts.
17 April 2024 Renewables
New anaerobic digestion training course launched
A new course launched by Cré aims to help the development and roll out of anaerobic digestion technology in Ireland, writes Stephen Robb.
26 December 2023 Renewables
Watch: wind farms – a lot more than meets the eye
The Irish Farmers Journal visited the recently completed Lenalea wind farm in Donegal to see what makes them tick.
25 December 2023 Renewables
Renewables: the next 12 months has a lot to deliver
The country is still not seeing the pace of renewable development that a climate, biodiversity and energy crisis would warrant, a sentiment shared by many in both the industry and officialdom.
20 December 2023 Renewables