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Tullamore Show launch the next generation into the limelight
Shanon Kinahan
Adam Woods reports from a Tullamore Show launch training day held in Tullamore Mart over the weekend.
Department signals earlier risk of nematodirus
10 April 2024 Breeding & health
Department signals earlier risk of nematodirus
Peak hatching will generally occur at the end of March in Munster and south Leinster and in the early days of April in the midlands and northern half of the country.
Orf vaccine available in coming days
2 March 2024 Breeding & health
Orf vaccine available in coming days
Scabigard vaccine, manufactured by Zoetis Animal Health, is currently being dispensed to veterinary practitioners and should be available to purchase next week.
Changing circumstances increasing liver fluke risk
A combination of favorable climatic conditions, drug resistance, greater animal movements and agri-environment scheme measures, are said to be giving the risk of liver fluke a greater edge.
28 February 2024 Animal Health
Demand for SIS hill rams to jump 75% in 2024
Sheep Ireland’s David Coen told farmers at the Teagasc hill sheep conference that more genotyped rams will be required to meet demand.
21 February 2024 Breeding & health
Liver fluke still causing significant issues
Farmers need to be mindful to ensure the control programme implemented is adequate, and use all available information to explore the level of risk that animals are facing.
14 February 2024 Breeding & health
What feeds represent good value in 2024?
At the recent Teagasc lowland sheep conferences, Teagasc’s Tim Keady outlined the relative value of feeds and detailed the organisation's concentrate formulation for this season.
11 February 2024 Lambing
Mortality records provide valuable insight
Recording the number of deaths, the age of animals when they die and the likely cause can shed light on the extent of any health issues and help in putting preventative plans in place.
7 February 2024 Lambing
Tullamore Farm update: ewes scan at 1.8 lambs per ewe joined
The average litter size was reduced by a higher than normal barren rate of 6% and a lower litter size in suckled 2022-born hoggets.
17 January 2024 Breeding & health
North East Texel twilight sale sparkles at €4,500
Adam Woods was ringside at the annual Texel twlight sale of in-lamb hoggets.
3 January 2024 Pedigree
Treemore Texels hit €3,200 in Tullow
Adam Woods reports from last weekend’s South East Stars sale which took place in Tullow Mart in Co Carlow.
3 January 2024 Pedigree
Liver fluke warning as deaths seen in eight-month-old weanlings
The warning from the Animal Health Surveillance Unit is based on unusually late cases of acute liver fluke in sheep and sub-acute disease in cattle.
23 December 2023 Breeding & health