There will be many beet varieties available to growers this season and this will vary with suppliers.

Among them will be the well-known Enermax.

Conviso beet or smart beet has now become almost the norm for many farmers who have weed beet on their farm.

Smart Sanya and Smart Janninka are the two varieties that can be used with the Conviso One herbicide which will control weed beet and other weeds, but this herbicide cannot be used on conventional beet varieties.

Magnum beet.

Laurena is a new white beet variety which claims resistance to rhizoctonia root rot with a dry matter percentage of 22%.

Sugar beet Alisha has a dry matter content of 22.5% and has high yield potential on a dry matter basis.

Gahan is also high in dry matter and claims high energy per kilogramme.

Delicante is a new variety from DLF to keep an eye out for in the future.

Enermax beet.

It is a white, high-dry matter fodder beet. It has a high percentage of beet above ground and the company says it has high yield potential and is suitable to early pulling. It yields well at about 40t/ac and might be a good option for those selling beet.

If grazing, you’re looking at varieties like Jamon, an orange beet, or Blaze, a red beet.