Beef Management : slurry, cold weather issues and castrating bull weanlings
Adam Woods
Adam Woods takes a look at slurry open season, cold weather management and castrating young bull weanlings in this week's Beef Management.
10 January 2024 Management
Fending off the big freeze
Adam Woods takes a look at some tips and advice to keep your farm running through the current cold snap of weather the country is experiencing.
3 January 2024 Grass & feeding
Hill lambs gaining an average of 130g daily on forage crops
An update on the Teagasc trial exploring the potential of forage crops in hill lamb finishing systems, is throwing up some interesting results.
Grazing of ACRES catch crops permitted from 1 January 2024
Catch crops must remain in situ from the date of sowing until 1 January annually, a month later than in GLAS.
31 December 2023 News
The Grass Week: time to complete closing cover
With it now being the beginning of December, the final grass cover should be completed for the year to assess grass supplies for spring.
2 December 2023 Grass & feeding
UK sheepmeat production increases by 10% to 25,200t in October
While production rose significantly compared with September levels, it remains below the five-year trend and reflects slower drafting of lambs this season.
2 December 2023 Markets
The sheep clean livestock policy refresher course
Poor weather and difficult ground conditions have brought the sheep livestock policy back into the spotlight.
26 November 2023 Management
Five tips for grazing forage crops over winter
Where farmers plan on outwintering cattle on crops such as kale, outlined are five tips to grazing management.
25 November 2023 Management
Beef Management: grazing forage crops and November SCEP deadline
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at grazing forage crops, SCEP deadlines and looking after first calving heifers.
22 November 2023 Management
Sheep Management: store lambs, liver fluke and SIS changes
The potential average daily gain attainable will be strongly influenced by weather and crop utilisation.
4 October 2023 Management
Potential store lamb margins of €12/head to €40/head
Hill lambs prices have been under pressure in recent weeks, but Teagasc finishing blueprints show there is potential for farmers to purchase lambs and deliver a significant margin.
27 September 2023 News
Store lamb finishing – a viable options for all farmers
Frank Campion and Mark Dolan, Teagasc outline opportunities for farms with available grass / forage crops to finish store lambs and deliver a margin.
27 September 2023 Management