In the news

  • Commissioner Hogan has stated that Ireland must pledge €47m/year to avoid cuts to rural development funding including ANC.
  • Farmland must be included as part of the Government's Flood Risk Management Plan.
  • IFA deputy president Richard Kennedy has stated that an increased Garda presence is needed in rural communities.
  • The search is on for the 20th FBD Young Farmer of the Year.
  • MEPs endorsed the 2016 EU Sheepmeat Forum recommendations to increase payments.
  • Photo of the day

    Two year old Eve and her teddy prepare the family veg patch. \ Philip Doyle

    Two year old Eve prepares a small piece of land belonging to her family in Stradbally, Co Laois. Each year for the last 33 years they have planted potatoes, onions, rhubarb and strawberries to name but a few crops. While it is not a commercial exercise, it has provided food for their extended families. \ Philip Doyle