I’d met two sets of potential in-laws before – Deirdre’s and Kevin’s – and it gave me a heat rash each time worrying about it. ’Tis all very well for the couple – they’ve plenty of time to suss each other out – but for the parents, we get thrown into it and are supposed to get on.

“I want ye to be great friends,” says Jennifer. But I’ve enough friends. And I don’t need to make them two at a time. In fairness, Deirdre’s ones were grand out. Johnny Pat and Nora are of the old stock. They wouldn’t be into all this socialising for the sake of it. They’re more the kind of people that would meet you at a thing, rather than organise a thing to meet you, if you know what I mean. They couldn’t even figure out why we had to have a meeting in the first place.