Retailers collaborate on food emissions but farmers have key role also
Anne Finnegan
As UK retailers collaborate to drive down food related emissions, farmers will be tasked with deliver. Policy analyst Anne Finnegan asks can farmers be the solution?
4 April 2023 News
Is the agriculture sector's skill set match-fit for new policy realities?
As the farm policy environment becomes more complex and less productions focused, Anne Finnegan asks if the sector has the right skills
29 March 2023 News
Are there lessons for Ireland in the Dutch nitrogen crisis?
Dutch farming has been in paralysis as the country tries to deal with its deep environmental. Policy analyst Anne Finnegan asks if there are lessons for Ireland.
Shifting to more plant-based diet benefits agriculture but not livestock farming
A recent German study examines the impact of shifting to the EAT-Lancet diet and finds farming benefits overall, but livestock farming would see income losses.
28 March 2023 News
AIB sets emissions targets for 75% of its loan book excluding agri
AIB excludes farming from financed emissions targets, but targets net zero by 2050 for farming and agriculture.
23 March 2023 News
Window to secure liveable future for planet closing rapidly, scientists warn
Deep, rapid and sustained mitigation efforts in this decade are needed for liveable planet. Anne Finnegan considers the latest UN climate report.
21 March 2023 News
Businesses moving to action on biodiversity loss
Biodiversity loss is now recognised as a systemic risk to the global economy. Global corporate business will drive the transformation to restore nature, writes Anne Finnegan.
BMPA raises concerns that flawed red meat findings were used in policy
The British Meat Processors Association added its voice to challenges to Global Burden of Disease 2019 study.
14 March 2023 News
Global food prices fall for 11th consecutive month, as food price inflation soars
The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s food price index fell again in February after significant declines in dairy product and vegetable oil prices.
7 March 2023 News
Retailers commit to reduce meat and dairy and disclose protein sources
As Lidl Germany commit to reducing animal proteins in their offering, they reflect a growing trend in the market in which corporate commitments often go beyond legislative requirements.
1 March 2023 News
Global food security fared better than anticipated in face of war
An element of luck combined with a resilient supply chain to avoid a worse food security crisis.
28 February 2023 News
Imported fertiliser price falls
Ample volumes of CAN and Urea, relative to the previous year, were imported between October and December 2022 writes Anne Finnegan.
22 February 2023 News