Running a business in a bee-loud glade
Enda Carr
As the woman behind the Intelligent Tea and Clever Honey brands, Freda Wolfe is a busy business woman, beekeeper and chef, writes Enda Carr
2 July 2018 Schemes
Department's failure to request nitrates records sees farmer appeal upheld
A farmer received a 5% sanction after failing to comply with rules set out by the Statutory Management Requirement.
1 July 2018 Schemes
Farmer's appeal upheld in relation to organic farming scheme
An organic farmer who added land to a current contract has won his case against the Department.
Farmer loses appeal as adviser entered GLAS information incorrectly
A farmer has an appeal disallowed after his advisor failed to enter correct information on Department website.
30 June 2018 Schemes
Farmer wins appeal after revising nitrates calculation
Department records indicated that the total amount of organic nitrogen from livestock on the farm in question in 2015 was 259kg N/ha, which exceeded the permitted level.
30 June 2018 Schemes
Farmers wins appeal to have BDGP payment penalty overturned
Under the BDGP scheme all animals must be tested for BVD within 20 days of birth and the sample sent to a designated laboratory ‘as soon as possible’.
29 June 2018 Schemes
Just 8.5% of Irish farm managers are under 40
Farm manager positions are dominated by men across the EU, with only 10.9% under 40 years old, a new survey has found.
28 June 2018 News
Go wild this summer with the Trail Kilkenny Outdoor Festival
Ned Maher followed his dream and changed from dairy farming to owning and operating a successful angling centre, writes Enda Carr.
27 June 2018 Features
DAERA issues summer pollution warning
The recent warm weather and fish kills have led the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to issue a summer pollution warning.
27 June 2018 News
Heatwave advice: preventing human and animal health issues
Human health precautions and regular checking of animals is advised with the increased temperatures over the coming weeks, writes Enda Carr.
24 June 2018
Heatwave advice: meal supplementation options to conserve grass supplies
Meal supplementation can be successfully used to conserve grass supplies while also underpinning performance, Enda Carr writes.
23 June 2018
Heatwave advice: second-cut silage and topping dilemmas
An increasing soil moisture deficit is starting to hit growth and yield in second-cut crops. Should these crops be cut or left to bulk up?
23 June 2018