The Book Corner: Barry's brilliance showcased in latest masterpiece
Leo Powell
Kevin Barry cements his reputation as a top writer of international standing with his latest offering, writes Leo Powell.
19 June 2024 Books
The Front Row: music and shows to celebrate life and living
There’s a plethora of great music events in the new season at the National Concert Hall, writes Leo Powell.
15 May 2024 Living Life
The Book Corner: fans of 'One Day' will be eager to read Nicholls' new novel
A touching tale of finding love and connection in nature, Leo Powell chats about his book of the month 'You Are Here' by David Nicholls.
Pulling at your heartstrings
Leo Powell is moved by the latest offering by the Gate Theatre, as an Oscar winner’s work takes to the stage.
24 April 2024 Living Life
The Book Corner
A ‘lost’ novel that looks at the effects of betrayal and damaging secrets is Leo Powell’s pick of the month.
10 April 2024 Living Life
Living Life: it’s all drama in the West
Leo Powell will be among the thousands flocking to Galway this year as the City of Tribes continues to offer vibrant drama and arts.
20 March 2024 Living Life
The Book Corner
Drug dealing criminals operating in Ballina – Wild Horses by Colin Barrett will capture the attention of people well beyond the west.
6 March 2024 Living Life
The Front Row: RHA shows the west is awake
There is much to look forward to this October in the arts, writes Leo Powell.
27 September 2023 Living Life
DruidO'Casey trilogy to thrill
It is worth moving heaven and earth to try to get a ticket for the DruidO’Casey trilogy of Irish classic plays. Leo Powell explains why
30 August 2023 Features
Women artists celebrated, but It Took a Century
A new exhibition, It Took a Century, reminds the world that female artists are a force to be reckoned with. Leo Powell writes.
26 July 2023 Features
The Front Row: London delights with West End rendition of Brokeback Mountain
How could this iconic story, made famous by the 2005 Ang Lee film, translate to the stage? Leo Powell explains why, for him, this West End production get a ten out of ten.
21 June 2023 Living Life
The Front Row: how to access a true classic
Leo Powell returns with a recommendation for a night at the theatre from the comfort of your own home.
17 May 2023 Living Life