The Midnight Waffles pattern looks complex, but is a simple combination of slipped, knit and purl stitches. The cowl design features a provisional cast on that is later joined with the bind-off edge for a continuous pattern and double the insulation. The resulting cowl works equally well as a headband/ear warmer.

Most DK yarns in two colours will work beautifully for this project. The slipped stitch mosaic approach to colorwork gives the final object a stretchy and soft feel.

The name is inspired by my mother’s tradition of taking me out to the all-night diner for waffles when she finished a wallpaper or DIY project on our home. It was one of the early ways she included me in home improvement projects, even before I could wield a putty knife or hammer. It was made all the more special that the diner had a sister location, which is where my parents went on their first date. Midnight Waffles celebrates the little wins that make big memories.