DEAR SIR: We will soon be required to obtain a vet prescription for horse wormers and animal anti-parasitic treatments, due to EU regulation. This is part of why the UK opted out of Europe. Decision making for our country is taken out of our hands – more bureaucracy, more paperwork, more money for the privileged at the top. Our pharmacist is qualified to prescribe the equivalent of these medicines for our children, but will be deemed not suitable for our animals.

Our co-op supplies our local farmers, but will be cut out of the supply because the vet never gives us prescriptions. The EU was supposed to encourage free trade, but instead, EU regulation will create a monopoly and jeopardise jobs in co-ops and merchants. We will purchase our horse wormers in Northern Ireland. We’re not going to be ripped off. Ours is a small scale operation – I pity the big farmers who will have significant cost increases and inconvenience. Shame on whoever is responsible.