Trixie window platform, Petstop, €37.99

Cats love to curl up in the sunshine but if you’re stuck for floor space, why not invest in one of these window platforms that holds the weight of your pet against the glass, without taking up any more of your room. Complete with removable cover and stable metal frame, the window seat has easy-to-attach suction cups that hold animals of up to 12kg.

Adjustable harness., €27.95.

Adjustable harness,, €27.95

For better control and a potentially more comfortable walk for an excitable dog, a harness is a good idea. This one from Irish brand Kopi and Co is made from high-quality neoprene, has a front D-ring that you can use to discourage excess pulling when you’re training your dog, and a breathable inner lining.

Smart pet tag. Dec’s Pets, €18.50.

Smart pet tag, Dec’s Pets, €18.50

If someone finds your pet, they can simply tap or scan the QR code on the Fetch Tag with their smartphone and you will get an email notification with their GPS location.

Paw Print necklace. West Cork Casting Studio, €175.

Paw Print necklace, West Cork Casting Studio, €175

Keep your four-legged friend close to your heart with a beautiful paw print piece of jewellery. Having the exact shape and detail of your pet’s paw imprinted into silver will create a lasting and bespoke pet reminder.

Hands-free rope lead,, €30.

Hands-free rope lead,, €30

There are lots of benefits to using a hands-free leash, especially if you’re someone who enjoys hiking, running or even cycling with your dog. This hands-free dog lead clips easily around your waist or across your shoulders. It’s also double-ended, so it can be used to walk two dogs simultaneously.

Slow feeder. Petmania, €10.99.

Slow feeder, Petmania, €10.99

If you’ve never used a slow feeder before, consider this your cue to get one. It helps your pet consume their food at a slower pace, thereby improving digestion and reducing the risk of bloating, choking or stomach aches.

Scratching tree. Maxi Zoo, €34.99.

Scratching tree, Maxi Zoo, €34.99

This scratching post is particularly suitable for kittens and small cats due to its size. The scratch tree has a level for resting, an area for relaxation and a scratch wave with a wide scratch surface for the care of claws.

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