Isn’t it great to have a lift in restrictions? We can start thinking about travelling our beautiful country again.

We just need the weather to get on board and we will be laughing!

Speaking of travel, I thought it might be nice to share with you some gorgeous travel friendly beauty bits this month. We all want our essentials with us when we go away, but no one wants the bulk of bringing full-size products everywhere we go.

I have selected some of my favourites – and I think you’ll love them, too.


I never go anywhere without my skincare products – I am fussy (as is my skin), so I need to keep my routine in check when I travel, otherwise my skin will not thank me for it.

Thalgo have fabulous travel minis for the summer, so you won’t have to scrimp on quality or take up too much room in your bag. A few bits I particularly love are their Hydra Brightening Cream (15ml /€15, below, blue jar). Rich in THALGO’s patented Brown Algae Extract and enriched with a shield to protect against environmental stress, this rich cream helps to prevent and fight dark spots. The velvet-like textured product is enriched with a cocktail of marine ingredients to help replenish, repair, soothe, brighten and diffuse redness.

I use the lip scrub on a weekly basis

I also love their lip scrub (10ml, €14.90, below, yellow jar). The creamy, exfoliating paste (made with rice grain powder) sweeps away dead cells; providing soft, smooth lips.

It has some jojoba oil, which leaves a non-greasy, protective film and has an addictive scent of coconut. I use the lip scrub on a weekly basis.

Massage in gentle, circular movements, directly into dry lips. I find a good lip scrub great – especially if you have been in the sea or out exploring. Lips can be the first place to crack in these conditions.


While travelling, it’s important to keep things compact. The Ayu Iconic Palette (€50) is great in this sense – it includes three eyeshadows, a cream and powder blush, bronzer and the Ayu radiant skin cream, so basically everything you need when on the go.

Ayu has also just recently launched its limited-edition travel brush sets, too, which have all you need for a full make up look in a convenient handbag size.

Sun protection

The last – but arguably most important – beauty product you will need to take with you is SPF. It doesn’t matter if you never see the sun while you are away – you will need SPF. Every day we go outside (even on the dullest winter day), we face harmful UVA and UVB rays which we need protection from.

The spray makes it easy to apply to hyper kids

There are some great brands out there, but one in particular I love for myself and my family is the Cien range in Lidl. It is super affordable, have a range of strengths and I find their lotions and sprays soak in quickly and don’t leave that greasy, sticky feel on the skin. The spray makes it easy to apply to hyper kids, too, so that’s always a plus. Also, it doesn’t leave a pale finish on your skin, so it is a winner all round for me.

Now that you are armed with all of your holiday beauty bits all you need to do is packed the bags and head off! I hope that, wherever your staycation brings you this year, you enjoy it and rest well.

Chat soon,