If you feel that your skin is dry and has lost its natural glow, then this column is for you.

Let’s start at the beginning. I would advise that you begin each day with a cup of cooled boiled water with a big chunk of lemon steeping in it, followed by a few slices of juicy grapefruit.

Most of us grew up being told to eat our greens to be healthy and now we are told to eat more purple produce as well because it is full of anthocyanins - a type of natural plant pigment that packs a powerful nutritional punch.

So, if you’re finding that your skin is dry, a handful of blackcurrants or blueberries on a daily basis might also help. And of course, don’t forget to aim to drink two litres of water a day!


Wash your face daily with simple cold water. This will increase the blood flow and in turn give your skin a refreshing glow.

Always pat and then gently rub your face dry with your hand towel. Gentle rubbing motions with the towel will help get rid of any dry skin, especially around the nose, chin and neck area.

If you suffer with really dry skin, then apply Aldi’s new Lacura pineapple microdermabrasion scrub €4.99, which will take your skin from blah to beautiful in seconds.

Now your skin is prepped, you are ready for the next step: a serum.

Sensational serum

“Why a serum?” I hear you ask. The brilliance of applying a skin serum first is that the skin- boosting active ingredients have maximum contact with your fresh, clean skin before any other products.

Clarins’ double serum is a powerful age-control concentrate that hydrates and protects the skin. Now this is quite an expensive product, ranging from €72-€122 depending on size, but it’s worth every penny (I always buy mine in the airport as you get 20% off). I’ve been using this serum for the past two years and now couldn’t be without it.

If you suffer with sun-damaged, patchy-looking skin, then why not try Glow Recipe guava vitamin C dark spot serum?

It’s an easy way to fix patches of discolouration and sun damage because it’s full of healing vitamin C and will, after time, make the skin luminous again, available at €46.30 from cultbeauty.co.uk


A moisturiser is such a personal thing as everyone has different wants. As I’m over 50, I can get very dry skin and need a cream that really leaves my face feeling nourished. Kiehl’s ultra facial cream, from stockists including www.boots.ie starting at €26.77, works marvellously well.

That said, my father has used Boots E45 cream, from €8.99 for 50ml, on his face for the past 30 years and he looks brilliant for his 87 years. E45 is a really great “for all the family” skin care cream.

You can buy a giant pump-action pot of it and leave it in the family bathroom and it costs less than a tenner. This cream really does improve dry skin within seven days of use and can be used all over the body and face. It is suitable for sensitive skin and helps with eczema.

One in 10 adults may have a form of the skin condition called rosacea on their face and body. It can be scratchy, painful and angry red. Rosalique 3 in 1 anti-redness miracle formula SPF 50 €33.95 is a real help for covering, soothing and protecting rosacea skin.

Meanwhile, Vichy’s dermablend colour corrector in yellow is a complexion-correcting formula that helps to neutralise the colour of reddened rosacea cheeks, available from stockists including magees.ie at €15.50. Apply a dab first on the rosacea and then your foundation.


Finally, my latest and greatest stay-on perfect foundation is the new Estée Lauder futurist hydra rescue, from stockists including www.boots.ie at €35.70.

When testing a new foundation, always test it on your cheek bone first, not the back of your hand. You will then be able to select the perfect colour tone for your skin.