If you have to share a bathroom cabinet at home or if you’re heading away with only limited space in your carry-on suitcase, then this column is for you. I’ve put together a list of some of the top multi-use beauty products to make the most of the space you have and free up a bit more of your time.

Multi-use products are particularly popular at the moment because with a busy life, the thought of a no-fuss approach to makeup and beauty is the way forward. Finding user-friendly, uncomplicated two- or three-in-one beauty treats is genius and what we all could do with.

Most important products

Let’s start with what I believe to be the most important beauty product: your moisturiser. What you’re looking for is a cream that performs a range of different functions, including hydrating your face and neck. PUR four-in-one mineral tinted moisturiser is a moisturiser, primer, foundation and skin protector all in one with SPF 20. It is cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Stocked in M&S, it retails at €34.


A highlighter liquid is a brilliant way to add a healthy sheen, not just to your face but also to your body. Simply add this in with your foundation and it leaves your face glowing – dab an extra blob of the foundation on to the tops of your cheeks or down your nose to give a pretty sheen.

You can also mix the highlighter into your body cream to give you an all-over radiance.

SOSU illuminating liquid €14.95.

Mascara gel

It might seem strange to have a mascara gel for both your lashes and your brows, but if you want to carry minimal makeup, then this works a treat. The gel will give you the appearance of longer, fuller lashes while making sure your brow hairs stay in place all day long. Simply brush the gel through your brows using an “up and over” stroke and they will look beautiful in addition to keeping your lashes looking lush.

Clarins lash & brow double fix mascara, €29.50, is a top two-in-one waterproof lash and brow fixing gel.

oil stick

A hydrating oil stick works wonders on very dry skin as well as on your hair, especially if you’re away in the sunshine. This oil can be mixed in with your moisturiser and used all over your body or simply rub the oil through your hair during a day on the beach to protect it from drying out.

Try Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour all-over miracle oil, 100ml, from stockists like Boots at €38.

A hydrating oil stick works wonders on very dry skin as well as on your hair, especially if you’re away in the sunshine.


Trinny London has created the marvellous stacking pot system, which is a brilliant way to have everything you need for a quick makeup transformation in small recyclable pots. You can easily create your own personalised stack online at trinnylondon.com.

Trinny’s website is easy to follow and you can make a virtual appointment with one of the beauty team to help you select the right products. These include cream foundation/concealer, Lip2Cheek, Eye2Eye, blush/bronze and lip/lipglow, all in a stunning selection of colours and shades to suit all skin types and ages.

Face mist

A face mist can help make your skin feel happy and fresh all day long. You can use it after you’ve moisturised, as a primer before you apply your makeup or apply once your makeup is finished - a few spritzes will make you look fresh and non-cakey. It’s also brilliant for menopausal ladies, as a few sprays on the neck and decolletage will help bring the redness of your hot flush down. I keep mine in the fridge.

Dermalogica antioxidant hydramist travel size, €17, or Charlotte Tilbury’s magic hydrator mist €42, are both great sprays.

Travel treat

The summer box of joy by Rituals is a gorgeous and handy best-seller beauty pack filled with 13 divine unisex travel treats: miniature lotions and potions that are easy to pack and all really useful. It costs €59.90 from rituals.com