Whether cutting the grass is a weekly chore or a form of relaxation, it is important to have the right machine to do the job. With an extensive number of models and a wide variety of brands on the market, you need to know what you’re looking for – factors to consider include garden size and terrain, power source and budget.

Bosch Rotak 36 R Lawnmower for €199.99.


Battery-powered lawnmowers are more convenient for a smaller garden. They are easy to start and require minimal maintenance. This style is best suited for homeowners with small to medium lawns that have softer grasses, cutting up to 400m2.

The prices range from a Bosch Rotak 36 R lawnmower for €199.99, to the more expensive models such as the Ego LM1701E 42cm Push lawnmower, on the market for €459. The difference in price is due to a larger bag which will collect more grass cuttings and result in less emptying and also with a 2.5Ah battery supplied in the kit, it will cut up to 400sqm on a single charge.

Greenworks 450m2 Robotic Auto-Lawnmower.


If you are looking for low maintenance, consider a robotic mower. They are fully automatic, which is an attractive option option for gardeners who have mobility concerns, or just don’t want the chore of cutting the grass. Some of the newest models, such as the iMow, are capable of cutting lawns of up to 1,500m2.

The starting price for a robotic mower is €399 for a Greenworks 450m2 Robotic Auto-Lawnmower, available from co-op superstores. Another model on the market is the Stihl iMow 5.0 EVO Robotic Mower for €2,875. The main difference in the two is the iMow cuts lawns up to 1,500 m² and gradients up to 45%. Compared to the Greenworks cutting up to 450sqm with gradients up to 30%. If you have a larger garden with more hills, the investment is worthwhile.


A petrol mower produces the most power and should be considered for lawns where mowing the area may be difficult due to slopes or uneven surfaces. For areas over 300 to 400m2, this mower is normally the best option. It is important to note that petrol should be changed after 30 days, after that it will cause corrosion that can lead to starting issues and engine damage over time.

The starting price is €299 for the Pro Lawn Hyundai Powered Petrol Lawnmower 46cm 139cc; the Mountfield SP185 139cc Petrol Rotary Lawnmower comes in at €406. The Hyunda lawn mower has a 65L grass bag, compared to the Mountfield, 60L bag. The auto choke system and its self-propelled engine on the Mountfield makes it easy to use. The Hyundai has a bigger engine and for the lower price, there isn’t much difference between the two.


For anyone with larger lawns or looking at mowers for commercial use, there are many benefits to using a ride-on mower. They cover a larger surface area and make cutting grass comfortable. Standard ride-on mowers are recommended for a garden size of one to three acres.

Being a premium option, the ride-on mowers come in at the higher price point. The STIHL RT 5112 Z Ride-on Lawn Mower costs €4,600. One of the higher end models is the Hustler Raptor XDX 54” Zero Turn, which comes in at €10,706. The Stihl RT 5112Z has a 43inches cutting width, compared to the Raptor 54 inches. It also features a 635cc Stihl EVC 7000 engine while the Rapture has a bigger 726cc displacement engine. The 5-inch-deep deck allows the Rapture to mow through thick grass at top speeds of 12.5 km p/h.

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