The weanling trade continues on a strong note having gotten off to a super start over the last few weeks.

The first of the show and sales are starting to take place around the country.

These sales always attract the best-quality weanlings and with that some fancy prices.

Looking at last week’s MartBids Database, we see that the top third of bull weanlings in the 300kg to 400kg category hit €3.05/kg, with the top third of 400kg to 450kg weanlings coming in at €2.75/kg.

This February 2021-born Charolais bull calf weighed 375kg and sold for €1,250.

Weanling heifers are a similar trade, with the top third of heifer weanlings in the 300kg to 400kg bracket hitting €2.98/kg last week, while the top third in the 400kg to 450kg bracket came in at €2.63/kg.

Tuam show and sale

Tuam Mart held a special Charolais show and sale of weanlings on Monday evening. Trade was very good, especially for the higher-end lots.

This pen of spring 2021-born Charolais heifers weighed 325kg and sold for €1,050 (€3.23/kg).

Tuam Mart's Darren Hession said: “It was a super trade on the night, especially for that top-quality weanling. Confidence is running high on the suckler side and we are seeing some big money being paid for breeding heifer here in Tuam. It’s great to see.”

Top prices in heifer section

  • 292kg CHX by a Belclare Farmer made €900 (€3.08/kg).
  • 325kg CHX by a Corofin farmer made €1,200 (€3.69/kg).
  • 315kg CHX by a Tuam farmer made €960 (€3.05/kg).
  • 300kg CHX by a Claremorris farmer made €1,030 (€3.43/kg).
  • 335kg CHX by a Castlegar farmer made €1,040 (€3.10/kg).
  • First-prizewinning heifer went to John Charles from Dunmore with his heifer weighing in at 480kg making €2,730 (€5.69/kg).

    Top prices in bull section

  • 245kg CH by Tuam farmer made €990 (€4.04/kg).
  • 265kg CHX by a Lavally farmer made €1,030 (€3.89/kg).
  • 295kg CHX by a Tuam farm made €980 (€3.32/kg).
  • 350kg CHX by a Cortoon farmer made €1,290 (€3.69/kg).
  • 315kg CHX by a Menlough farmer made €1,250 (€3.97/kg).
  • 425kg CHX by a Brownsgrove farmer made €1,340 (€3.15/kg).