Mayo-man Michael Clarke always thought there was a way around making a tedder and a rake, a two-in-one machine, and he has done just that.

The 2022 Enterprise Ireland young innovation of the year award winner spent four years coming up with the invention, with most of his evenings and weekends going into the project.

“It’s halfway between a rake and a tedder. A conventional rake would have two big rotors for gathering in the swath and the tedder would have small rotors depending on the size of the machine," he said.

"The machine I made has a 20ft work width and it has four small rotors; the rotors themselves are based on a rake.

“It’s all hydraulically operated and each rotor is designed, so by changing the settings you can go from raking to tedding,” he told the Irish Farmers Journal Young Stock Podcast.

Listen to the full podcast with Michael about his invention below.