Lemken exhibited a selection of new kit at Agritechnica, including the Koralin ultra-shallow cultivator. The manufacturer says the Koralin offers a huge mixing effect at a shallow depth.

The firm is pushing the Koralin as a low-draught mounted unit, which is suitable for both shallow tillage and mechanical weed control that cuts weeds.

The Koralin works with a three-point linkage, and its three rows of tines are arranged symmetrically with a 30-centimetre tine spacing over a 6.6m working width.

2cm working depth

Featuring 38cm-wide DeltaCut shares, Lemken says it can offer a working depth of just 2cm. The tines are secured with shearbolts, but can be equipped with automatic overload protection.

Depth control is taken care of hydraulically through a double-acting control valve.

Depending on the application, there is a choice of rollers available. These can be combined with a single- or double-row harrow, or alternatively, the roller can be replaced completely by a four-row harrow.

The unit will go into its production in spring 2024 and has a list price of €53,209 plus VAT.