Establishing green cover crops is something Pöttinger is focusing on with its new Tegosem drill.

It is used in combination with a Pöttinger stubble cultivator or disc harrow enabling soil preparation and cover crop seeding in a single pass. The drill can be fitted to both hitch-mounted or trailed machines. Hopper capacity ranges from 200l for the mounted machine to 500l for the trailed machine.

The drill can be used to drill a wide range of seed material, including mustard, grass, rapeseed, peas and beans. The metering system is driven electrically, meaning there is no need for a hydraulic or PTO drive.

Two different metering shafts are provided as standard to ensure precise distribution, even at very low seed flow rates. The seed material is distributed pneumatically using distribution plates. This ensures precision regardless of the wind conditions.

Using the control terminal, seeding rate is adjusted electronically.

Hopper access

Hopper level as well as a DGPS ground speed sensor are also fitted as standard. Hopper access is made easier on linkage-mounted machines as the hopper sits low on the rear packer roller and on the drawbar of trailed machines. Power requirement for the Tegosem is a three-pin socket and a double-acting hydraulic line for air-assisted models.

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