Austrian grass and tillage equipment manufacturer, Pöttinger has just announced the arrival of its Novacat V 9200 CF rear non-conditioner mower fitted with its renowned Cross Flow auger swath merger.

As whole-cropping and legume crops become more popular, the auger system makes it possible to merge delicate forage types where a common conditioner and belt swath proves less favourable.

Alternatively, either one or both Cross Flow augers can be raised out of working position in order to directly lay the crop out behind the mowers. The Novacat V 9200 offers a cutting width from 8.95m to 9.2m. On the slip side, the Cross Flow system can be effectively used on grassland.

Pöttinger uses a 500mm diameter auger installed at a slight angle to ensure throughput as forage volumes increase towards the inside of the mower bed. Scraper bars on the rear panels are designed to prevent blockages.

As recently reported, Claas also launched its take on auger swath merger in the form of its Disco 9300 DS (Direct Swather) model.