Deutz Fahr launched five new CVT tractor models within the 161hp to 191hp power category.

The new additions include: the four-cylinder 6160.4 (161hp) and 6170.4 (171hp), alongside the 6160 (161hp), 6170 (170hp), and 6180 (180hp) six-cylinder models.

A further 10hp is gained from power boosting, but not on either the 6170.4 or 6170.

All five tractors are fitted with the firm’s new TTV (CVT) transmission. However, 50km/h is optional on all models aside from the 6180, which is 50km/h as standard.

All 40km/h models have a payload of 11,500kg that increases to 12,500kg on 50km/h models, aside from the 6180, which has a max payload of 13,500kg. As standard, a 120l/min load sensing hydraulic system is installed. However, a 160l/min pump is optionally available.

A new CleanOil hydraulic tank system with up to 60l removable oil capacity means that contamination of the transmission oil is prevented.

Rear-lift capacity tops out at 9,700kg and the front-lift is available in two versions, with maximum capacities of 3,800kg and 4,110kg.

Cab options

Two cab options are available across the five models, the MaxiVision+ with two manual and two electric spools and the MaxiVision Pro, which offers up to five electric spools and an optional 12-inch iMonitor terminal on the MaxCom armrest.

The MaxiVision cab can be equipped with features like an openable front window, multiple holders for mobile devices, a removable cooling box, as well as an upgraded sound system.