MX launched its brand new U500 series of front loaders at Agritechnica.

The 16-model range with lift heights from 3.5m to 4.5m has been designed for tractors from 40hp to 260hp and launches as the successor to the current U50 series.

Models are available with or without mechanical self-levelling.

The ergonomics of the U500 have been fully revised to improve visibility and functionality. The three-segment boom is slimmer than before with an overall lower, more-rounded design to aid visibility.

All hydraulic and electrics lines and components are also now fully integrated for protection and to further improve visibility.

On the left is the boom from the old U50 series and on the right is the boom from the new U500 series, showing the major visibility improvements.

Both the lift and headstock rams on the U500 sit closer to the frame due to the new repositioned hinges. The cross bar is also both slimmer and lower than before to improve hitching visibility.

Another welcome addition will be the new Easy-Plug third service pressure relief system. Once the lever is pulled, any pressure within the third service line is eliminated, leaving the connecting and disconnecting of any implement hydraulic coupling much easier.

The Easy-Plug third service decompression feature is activated by pulling the red lever.

Models also benefit from the Fitlock2+ tractor hitching and unhitching system and the automatic implement locking feature on the headstock.

A number of new pre-programmed features are available such as Auto-Unload for automatic combined movements and Auto-Level for automatic implement position resting. LED work lights have been added for the first time on U500 models as an optional upgrade.