Well-known manufacturer Yanmar Ag, a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings, has just unveiled an electric field robot concept.

A prototype of the machine, which has been named the e-X1, was unveiled at a stakeholder event and as part of its Yanmar Green Challenge 2050 initiative.

The Japanese-built machine is currently undergoing field testing and is still some time away from mass production.

The e-X1 is equipped with front and rear linkage systems to accommodate various implements such as mowers, snow removal equipment and rotary tillers.

Like all other field robots seen so far, it is equipped with a rubber track system.

Remote control

The machine for now is fully remote controlled. However, Yanmar suggested that an autonomous driving feature is under consideration.

At the moment, all other technical information regarding performance stats, dimensions, etc, remain unknown.

But Yanmar has said that the e-X1 is subject to further testing and that the intention is to initiate market monitoring in 2025 and from there actively progress towards mass production.