The deserving winner of our Women & Agriculture makeover was Gretta O’Leary, who lives on a dairy farm in Cecilstown near Mallow, Co Cork, with her husband Gus and also cares for her son Martin, who has special needs. This is her winning letter:

“I’m sure you will be inspired by many wonderful women at the conference. I would love to win this for my wonderful sister and myself. I have a very good husband, Gus, and seven children. My youngest son has special needs. He is 24-hour care. When he was born, I suppose fear for the future and how we would cope were a big thing. I was also feeling guilty I was the one who caused this. He arrived after five girls and we had such hopes and dreams for him like any new-born baby in a family. We struggled to cope. We had a very sick baby, but a determined young man. As the years moved on, he attended a day care centre and coming home at night. He has many friends now and is as a fine young man, he is very happy. Through all this, his dad had a quadruple bypass and seven stents done. I would love to win this prize as I don’t get much pamper time. I’ve no doubt I’ll have a few more journeys with them, but for now it’s time to love and enjoy what we have got.”