Laois farmer Seamus Dunne created the Crush Mate to prevent lighter cattle from moving side to side in a standard crush.

"A standard crush is 26in to 28in wide. When treating lighter cattle, be it for vaccinating, castrating or even AI-ing smaller crossbred heifers, the ability of the Crush Mate to adjust to the size of the animal and properly restrain them is invaluable," explained Seamus.

The unit is 20kg in weight and can easily be fastened on to any standard crush bar.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with a skulling gate, whereby it is placed at the head of the crush.

Once the animal is locked into the skulling gate, the Crush Mate then moves out telescopically, holding the animal to one side of the crush, preventing the animal moving side to side.

The telescopic arms of the Crush Mate can be locked in to position to allow the animal to be restrained, preventing them from moving side to side in a wide crush.

Manufactured from galvanised mild steel, the light weight of the unit allows it to be easily removed and transported to an out-farm in the back of a jeep or car boot.

Freeze branding, castration, clipping and inspection of sick animals are some of the task that clients purchase the Crush Mate for.

Seamus also noted the popularity Crush Mate among dairy farmers using automatic milking systems, with the unit being used in aiding to train heifers into using a robot milker.

"It’s genuinely surprising how quickly an animal will settle when they are properly restrained," remarked Seamus.

Following on from success at the Innovation Arena last year, Crush Mate also won first prize in the Herdwatch Agventions award at this year’s Tullamore Show.