An across-the-board price freeze for September, means it is the first time this year that all dairy processors opted not to make a cut to monthly milk prices.

Shown in Table B are the respective prices paid by each processor to a farmer supplying 1m litres annually of either high, average or low solids milk. The milk qualities used to calculate the prices are outlined in Table 1 on the opposite page.

For high solids milk, prices across all processors averaged 31.47p/l in September, up from 31.19p/l in the previous month due to an increase in milk solids as monthly production reaches its lowest point across the year.

Topping the table for the second month is Dale Farm on 33.12p/l, followed by Strathroy in second place on 32.27p/l.

Aurivo is in third followed by Tirlán/Fivemiletown in fourth. Leprino Foods is in fifth place, ahead of Lakeland Dairies, thanks to its sustainability and mozzarella premiums, plus a 0.65p/l volume bonus.

Average solids

On average solids milk, prices across the board averaged 30.76p/l, up from 30.47p/l in August as higher butterfat and protein levels boost the final milk price payable to farmers.

Dale Farm continues to lead the way, paying 32.27p/l with Strathroy being its nearest competitor on 31.72p/l.

There are no positional changes across the remaining positions.

Rolling milk price

Despite finishing in the lower half of the September league table for a 1m litre producer, Tirlán holds on to lead our analysis of milk pricing over the 12 month rolling period to September 2023 (Table C).

However, Dale Farm has significantly narrowed the gap to Tirlán and now trails by just over 0.1p/l across both high and average solids milk.

Having finished in the top two positions in seven out of nine months this year, Strathroy consolidates its spot in third place for high and average solids milk, while continuing to lead on low solids.

All positions are unchanged from the August milk league.

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