On this week's Young Stock Podcast, Nicole Keohane outlines her time studying agriculture in South East Technological University (SETU) - formerly WIT - and where her interest in agriculture came from.

She is currently an ambassador for the National Dairy Council (NDC), where she strives to promote the positives of the dairy industry and showcase the work being done by farmers across Ireland to improve sustainability and farming practices.

Being a keen Macra member, Nicole emphasises there is a club for everyone (even if you live in Dublin).

She also sold me on the idea of attending this year's Queen of the Land festival that is on in November.


Having spent the last two years working on a PhD in 'A non-antibiotic approach to improving udder health in Irish dairy cows', it has now turned into a master's.

This has given Nicole the opportunity to go into partnership with her grandparents on their family dairy farm over the next few months.

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Listen in below.

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