I’m the mart manager for Leinster Co-Operative Marts. Like all the best things, I came into this job by accident. I studied commerce as a student a long time ago and a position arose with the mart in the 1970s. They wanted an accountant/office manager. I was not long out of college. I had worked at different things and had come from a farm. I went there for what I expected to be a short spell. When the six months were up, I thought that was as long as I’d be there, but they asked me to stay a bit longer. The manager at the time retired, a gap arose and there was an older man on the staff who was a cattle dealer. The board of management appointed him as general manager and they put me in next to him.

It was “back to basics” for Leinster Mart's Jimmy Walsh when the computers failed at the weanling sale at Kilcullen Mart.