After four years in development, New Holland unveiled its T7.300 LWB tractor at this year’s SIMA show in Paris.

Dubbed by the company as a new model from the ground up, the T7.300 now provides an overlap between existing T7 LWB models and the T7 HD range.

Previously, the T7 LWB range finished up at 240hp before entering the 2-2.5t heavier T7 HD range which spans 250hp to 300hp.

The T7.300 maintains the same wheelbase and dimensions of the current LWB models. However, this is one of the few similarities. A heavier 4.5t front axle has been fitted while the rear axle is now compatible with group 48 tyres.

The model features the new Horizon Ultra cab seen on the HD line and T8 models with the addition of semi-active cab suspension and other minor tweaks. The additional power is extracted from the FPT engine by means of a variable geometry turbo providing more torque at lower engine rpm, delivering a maximum 280hp for draft work and 300hp for PTO applications.

The T7.300 is fitted as standard with an upgraded version of its Auto Command CVT transmission. Bearings and castings are all said to be improved to reduce vibrations and noise.

The new T7.300 benefits from New Holland’s advanced PLM Intelligence solutions for guidance and connected farming packages. The fuel tank size has been increased by 15% from 400l to 460l.

T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle

In the 90-120hp power bracket, New Holland introduced its new T5S mid-size utility model and the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle model.

The new T5.100S features a choice of 12x12 or an optional 20x20 creeper mechanical or Powershuttle transmissions. Meanwhile, the T5.120 Utility Powershuttle as its name suggest is only offered with a Powershuttle transmission.

The new T5 Utility Powershuttle.

Both the T5S and T5 Utility feature a 36l/min pump dedicated to the steering and a second one with up to 82l/min for the services. The two new models differ in the type of front axle, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and rear tyre options each targeting different customers.

The T5S is available with a R34 rear rim while the T5 Utility Powershuttle can accommodate a R38 rim. The GVW for T5S is 6.5t and for T5 Utility Powershuttle is 7t.

The rear lift has been redesigned and now features two lift cylinders with the two models having respective lift capacities of 4.4t and 5t.

The T5S comes fitted with a four-post flat deck cab while the T5 Utility Powershuttle is equipped with a six-pillar VisionView cab.