Travel: Paris, Je t’aime
Dee Laffan
On a whistlestop 48-hour tour of Paris, Dee Laffan found herself lost in the local food scene.
10 July 2024 Dealer
Carbery backs Ballineen bullet
There's a few athletes with farming connections that will be competing in the Paris Olympics and the Dealer was wondering if readers know of any more.
9 July 2024 News
Watch: huge Eiffel Tower art installation ploughed into field
The field art was done in Castagnaro in the province of Verona, Italy, in celebration of the upcoming Paris Olympics.
Paris Olympics going 60% meat-free
The Paris Olympics is to make 60% of the meals on offer to visitors meat-free in a move the Dealer thinks won't help with food waste.
8 May 2024 Dealer