Two rural TDs have founded a new political party, Independent Ireland. Cork southwest TD Michael Collins will lead the party, with Limerick county TD Richard O’Donoghue taking on the role of general secretary.

The party will be “rural and urban” O’Donoghue has said, but is looking for a rebalancing of funding from Dublin.

It becomes Ireland’s 27th registered political party, and the second in only three months, following on from the 100% redress party.

Independent Ireland hopes to field 60 candidates in next year’s local and European elections, and is willing to work with independents who want to join a broad grouping as opposed to a traditional party structure.

Currently, both men are part of the Rural Independent group, along with Mattie McGrath, Michael and Danny Healy Rae, and Carol Nolan. It remain to be seen if they will join the ranks of this new party.