The Dealer was bemused to learn about the method employed by Tipperary Co-op to inform suppliers that the CEO John Daly had left the business last week.

A series of no less than eight text messages were sent last Thursday telling suppliers of the west Tipp co-op that Daly was leaving the business “to pursue other opportunities”.

Milk suppliers received the text messages at different times throughout the day, some learning of the decision to appoint John Hunter as interim CEO hours after others had received the texts.

It’s a wonder they didn’t take a leaf out of the new Taoiseach’s book and just turn to TikTok to get the message across.

Meanwhile, all the talk locally is of so and so threatening to leave the co-op. Suppliers who want to move are well placed, with Arrabawn, Dairygold and Tirlán all on the bounds ditch, so to speak. Strathroy has already poached a few high profile suppliers in recent years. The supplier contract says hand your notice in by 1 November and then wait 12 months.