Every metal head in the country is humming the tune to Hit the Diff, but for singer and contractor Marty Mone the song's success was completely unexpected.

The video for the song, which consists of photos Marty has taken while working, has almost 500,000 views on Youtube in just two months.

"Out of all my songs, I never expected this one to be the most popular," he said. "It just took off. In three days it had 10,000 views.

"There's a fear people might get sick of it, but that's not a bad complaint," he added.

Marty, who performs with The Mad Ass Mules, thinks there may be a gap in the market for more machinery themed tunes.

"It's not normally the stuff I write, but I'll make more farming songs if people want," he said. "I'll definitely do another."

However, there are some lyrics that people from outside the contracting world are grappling with. What exactly are party beacons and new teeth?

"There are a lot of parts that people don't understand. There are a lot of phrases that only drivers know," he said.

So for those of us unfamiliar with hitting diffs and yokes with plenty of poke, here's a guide to understanding what exactly Marty is singing about.

Drawing hauling and buckraking = Driving work in general

Double clutching = Pumping the clutch twice to get into gear

Flat to the mat = Really busy

The party hats = Flashing orange beacons

With a flame from the pipe = Flame from the exhaust

Give me a yoke with plenty of poke = Give me something with plenty of power

I give the pump a screw = I give it more power

Hit the dual to low = Dual is half gear

To grease the nipples = Grease nipples under tractor

Need some sleep and new teeth = I need new teeth for my digger bucket

Mixing piping = Spreading slurry with the pipe system

Oh hit the diff and pray = Hit the differential lock

Hit the Diff by Marty Mone is available to purchase through iTunes. Catch him playing the song live with his band The Mad Ass Mules