On Sunday afternoon, two trucks carrying cattle arrived at ABP Bandon but were held up for a number of hours. Following discussions between the gardaí and representatives from the Beef Plan Movement, they were allowed to enter the factory.

After discussions between gardaí and protesters, the trucks were allowed to enter ABP Bandon.

Manning the picket at Bandon for over a week is a demanding exercise, Helen O'Sullivan told the Irish Farmers Journal.

"A friend has been checking cattle for me. Sleeping here in my jeep outside the factory is not easy. I've done it now three nights in a row. I've only had four or five hours' sleep.

“It's tiring and frustrating but it's something we're prepared to do if we'll get a result for it. Farmers are still as determined today as they were last Sunday, which is great."

The Beef Plan Movement's southwest chair Dermot O'Brien on the phone during the protest outside ABP Bandon. Helen O'Sullivan, Cork secretary of the Beef Plan Movement, is to his left.

According to O’Sullivan, vice-chair of the southwest region of the Beef Plan Movement, the week has seen a lot of ups and downs but their protesters were willing to stick to their task.

Dermot O'Brien and Helen O'Sullivan of the Beef Plan Movement in talks with a member of An Garda Síochána.

Southwest chair of the Beef Plan Movement Dermot O'Brien echoed her sentiments.

"We're travelling around. We've been in Nenagh, Cahir, Bandon and Rathkeale to try to rally the troops and keep them motivated, keep them peaceful. My own farming situation at home - only for I having a good neighbour, we wouldn't manage at all."

The Kerryman acknowledged the workload of the task but was determined to see it through to the finish.

He said: "It's heavy going. We're getting very little sleep. Hopefully we'll be able to keep going and this will be worthwhile and we can see a win in sight. This is going to be very momentous."

Bandon was a flashpoint earlier in the week with gardaí called and long queues of lorries, tractors and trailers waiting to deliver cattle on Wednesday. According to O'Sullivan, a van drove straight through chairs and barriers the protestors had in place on Sunday morning.

A photo taken after the incident appears to show barriers and chairs knocked to the ground at the factory entrance.

A Garda spokesperson told the Irish Farmers Journal: "Gardaí are aware of an incident that occurred at a premises in Bandon, Co Cork, on Sunday 4 August 2019. Inquiries are ongoing," he said.

Farmers have been protesting outside ABP Bandon for over a week.

ABP Bandon remains the only factory in Cork affected by Beef Plan Movement protests.

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