The first cargo of in-calf Irish heifers of 2017 will set off for Africa on Tuesday. The heifers will be gathered at Roscrea Mart tomorrow at 11am and will include the 1,000th heifer to be sent to the developing African nation since the charity began sending animals there eight years ago.

They will be given to Rwandan women who were widowed by the genocide of 1994, when between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in a 90-day period in a country slightly larger than the province of Munster.


Tipperary’s All-Ireland winning hurling manager Michael Ryan and farmers from across the country who have donated the animals will be present on Tuesday for the heifers’ departure.

Last October, Bóthar sent its biggest-ever cargo consignment to Rwanda as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations.

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