The chief executive officer (CEO) of the Agricultural Trust, the publisher of the Irish Farmers Journal, has been appointed to the board of Agri Aware.

William Minchin was appointed to Agri Aware’s board, which brings further changes to the agri-food education body’s boardroom in recent weeks.

Speaking on his appointment to the voluntary board, Minchin said “it’s a great honour”.

“It is vital that the work Agri Aware does continues and to be a part of that work is an honour and one I look forward to contributing to,” he added.

Agri Aware chair Shay Galvin congratulated Minchin on his appointment and said he looks forward to working with him.

“William is a brilliant addition to the board and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly be a huge asset in achieving our goals.

“As the goalposts continue to shift for Irish farmers, here at Agri Aware that is not the case and along with William and the wider board, we will continue to ensure Irish farmers are recognised for the work they do and the food they produce,” Galvin added.


From Co Carlow, Minchin has worked in various roles in the agricultural industry.

Last year, he took up the mantle of CEO of the Agricultural Trust.

Prior to this, he worked with MSD Animal Health, where he held a number of senior roles.

Outside of his current position at the Agricultural Trust, Minchin is actively involved in his family-run beef farm.

The Agricultural Trust publishes the Irish Farmers Journal, the Irish Field, Irish Country Magazine and the Irish Garden.