The Individual Farmers of Ireland says that it plans to return to Dublin with tractors if a meeting of the beef taskforce does not result in “significant” progress.

In a previous protest in November last year, the group descended on Dublin for a 24-hour period with up to 300 farmers, bringing the centre of the capital to a standstill.

The taskforce is made up of representatives for farm organisations and meat factories, with some supermarkets also due to take part in a meeting on Wednesday 7 January.

'At least €4/kg'

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, a spokesperson for the Individual Farmers of Ireland said that the taskforce had to deliver at least €4/kg or they would proceed with their planned protest.

The spokesperson added that they expected more farmers to take part in this protest.

The current factory beef price on offer to farmers is €3.60/kg.

“Beef and suckler farmers need a margin of profit above the cost of production to continue in the industry,” they said.

They also criticised the Government and proposed climate targets on the agriculture industry. Under the Climate Action Plan, agriculture is required to reduce its emissions by up to 15%.

Despite the rise of the Beef Plan Movement and a number of other farm groups last year, the Individual Farmers of Ireland said that it was not seeking to set up another farm organisation, but just sought to encourage all farm organisations and farmers to take part and work towards a shared goal of increasing beef prices.