Nicky Keane, an Irish barley grower from Broadway, Co Wexford, has been named winner of the Guinness Ireland Regenerative Barley Award 2023, having impressed the judges with his commitment to regenerative farming methods.

The Guinness Ireland Regenerative Barley Award recognises the barley grower in Ireland who has demonstrated the greatest improvement in implementing regenerative farming practices and reducing the impact of barley production.

Keane demonstrated a spirit of continuous improvement, adopting outstanding regenerative agricultural practices and generating positive outcomes on his farm.

Bobby Miller, who farms in Stradbally, Co Laois, was also highly commended by the judges.


With a focus on improved soil health, enhancing biodiversity and actively working to reduce carbon emissions and improve water quality, both farmers impressed judges with the innovation and technologies used to deliver impactful results.

Global regenerative agricultural manager at Diageo David Hagan said: “Nicky is an outstanding farmer, with an undeniable commitment to improving his land through regenerative practices and truly leading by example.

"We’re delighted for him and look forward to seeing how the changes he is making will positively impact the future of his farm and the community around him.”

Keane said he committed many years ago to learning, trialling and adopting techniques that allow him to grow top-quality crops, as well as improve the soil and biodiversity on his farm.

"We’re delighted to win this award and hope we can share best practice with other farmers, who might be newcomers to regenerative farming.”

Enhancing wildlife

Bobby Miller said he has been introducing regenerative farming practices for a few years now and is committed to enhancing the wildlife on his farm by leaving space for nature.

He improved the soil structure on his farm through the use of cover crops and the implementation of minimum tillage for some crops.

“To be recognised by Guinness is very welcome and we hope to inspire more farmers across Ireland by sharing our knowledge and learnings.”

Sustainable development goals

Guinness is fully aligned to the Diageo Society 2030: Spirit of Progress - Diageo’s wider 10-year action plan towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

The plan is designed to create a more inclusive and sustainable world, delivering opportunities for communities to shine brighter from the ground up and explore innovative solutions to agricultural challenges that can boost yields, productivity and income for farmers.