Consumption and sales have picked up this week, as temperatures settle back to average levels. Queens continue to be lifted across the country and, again, quality and yields are reported to be very good.

High temperatures experienced last week stopped main crop growth and this may delay harvest in the back end.

Recent rainfall was welcomed by growers in most regions. In the UK, traders report movement as “just ok” this week, but demand has been primarily for very best old-crop bakers and frying varieties for coastal areas.

The yield and quality of early maincrop and salad varieties, which had matured or were close to maturity before the high temperature set in, are generally considered to be good, but the performance of later second earlies and true main-crop varieties is now very much in the balance. European heatwave

Across Europe, temperatures have reached 40°C in southwest Holland and the UK last week and non-irrigated crops are under severe pressure. The forecast for the medium term extending into August is for the dry weather to continue.