The main challenge facing agricultural markets today is ongoing global instability and the uncertainty this causes, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has said ahead of this week’s Agricultural and Fisheries Council Meeting in Luxembourg.

“While we need immediate measures to address shocks, fundamentally we must continue to develop greater resilience and long-term sustainability,” he said.

Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture, Mr Mykola Solskyi, will be given the opportunity to brief the Council, with Minister McConalogue calling for ongoing European support for Ukraine.

“I want to express Ireland’s continuing support for Ukraine.

"We must continue to ensure European wide solutions to support Ukraine, based on consultation and transparent dialogue with all member states, whilst addressing any impacts on European markets,” he said.


Minister McConalogue also spoke in support of the proposal amending the Waste Framework Directive, saying that Ireland is broadly supportive of the overall objectives of the proposed revision of the directive.

“This proposal will support delivery of a number of Ireland’s circular economy commitments related to food waste.

“Within Ireland's 10-year strategy for the agri-food sector, Food Vision 2030, there is a commitment to halve food waste by 2030.

“Although primary production accounted for just 9% of Ireland’s food waste in 2020, it is important that all sectors do their part to reduce their food waste. We are all part of the food chain and every link has a role to play in this,” he said.