Kilkenny County Council has granted planning for a 254ac solar farm in the townlands of Castlegarden and Cloghscregg in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.

Lightsource Renewable Energy Ireland Ltd applied for planning permission for 10 years for the solar PV development along with a battery storage compound.

Permission was granted with the condition that the developers must meet 25 requirements, one of which involves making a payment of €766,566.75 to the county council. The project, which involved multiple landowners, will generate enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of around 20,000 households and save around 35,400t of carbon emissions each year.

Earlier this month, the decision by Kilkenny County Council to grant permission to Elgin Energy Services Ltd for a 276ac solar farm and storage park was appealed to An Bord Pleanála by a third party. The council also requires more information for an application for a 50ac solar farm near Kilderry, which was due to be decided on this month.

In Cork, Reeve Wave Ltd has applied for planning permission to Cork County Council for a 40ac solar farm in Glannaharee West.

The project is located next to a wind farm and, when operational, is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,975t per year. The development involves three landowners.

Meanwhile, Elgin Energy Services Ltd’s proposed 97ac solar farm near Clondoolusk, Offaly was granted permission last week.

Once constructed, it will operate for 40 years.